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I come to you today to discuss MEDITATION.
What good is the body when the mind is not right?
• med·i·ta·tion
(n) the action or practice of meditating.
a written or spoken discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject.
Meditation (appx 25 minutes) steadies & synchs your brainwaves (Google it).
It has been a lifesaver for me, helping me calm my anxiety issues (as I’ve had anxiety attacks where I hyperventilate & sometimes pass out or is just fall out altogether).
Active breathing and controlling/focusing your thoughts are the keys to meditation. I prefer to meditate in silence as my mind can get easily distracted.
I also choose to pray first then ease into a meditation session. I set my intentions high & give my thoughts/desires to God, then He in turn communicates back to me (whether it be immediately or in the near future).
That is the difference between prater and meditation. Prayer = you talking to God whereas meditation is God talking to you.
My singing bowl is helping me out today radiating high feminine frequencies & setting the tone for this wombman & the goddess within. Etched in it is a Sanskrit prayer, and symbols for wisdom & health and protection.
Happy meditating!
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You just popped in the Kanye West
Get right for the summer workout tape
And ladies if you follow these instructions exactly

You might be able to pull you a rapper


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The Snoop Dogg/Iggy Azalea beef illuminates the intersectionality burdens that black feminists face when it comes to Hip Hop.

Either we’re forced to excuse Snoop’s misogynistic comments towards Iggy because we’re black, or we’re forced to defend Iggy because we’re women…when they’re both wrong.

And misogyny was never an issue in regards to any black female rappers, but when it’s a white female rapper, the world capes for her.

There’s levels to this.

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"Rahm Emanuel is not caring about our schools; he is not caring about our safety. He only cares about his kids. He only care about what he needs. He do not care about nobody else but himself.

He let Barbara Byrd-Bennett, a woman that’s from Detroit who don’t even know the streets of Chicago where I’m from, come in and close these schools.” [x]

Look at the passion y’all!!!

Teach the babies that their words matter yess

black excellence

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Weight of the ocean on her shoulders! 18ft Atlas sculpture dropped off coast of the Bahamas to form incredible underwater art garden

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Do not allow people to mispronounce your name